ASU Innovation Challenge Elevator Pitch

Your contribution makes a difference for our students and in our communities!

Prizes for the ASU Innovation Challenge are only possible through the contributions of forward thinkers with a passion for creativity and social change. The ASU Innovation Challenge seeks two types of gifts: traditional monetary gifts, as well as gifts of services. All sponors will be recognized for their contributions in the annual ceremony to announce Innovation Challenge winners.

Gifts of Service
Students need funding to get their ideas off the ground, but they also benefit tremendously from gifts of service provided by experts in law, web development, and marketing, among other industries. If you have interest in contributing 5-10 hours of your skills to the advancement of winning student ideas, please contact Jacqueline Smith.

Traditional Gifts
Even seemingly small gifts can make a big difference for students who have innovative ideas, but lack the funds to transform them into impact. Donate your gift of $50, $100, $500 or more online today. 

Investors who contribute $5,000 or more to the Innovation Challenge may participate and be recognized during next year's competition in multiple ways, including:

  • Serving as a judge on the Innovation Challenge 1st Round Judging Panel. Judges will each review between 10 and 20 Innovation Challenge proposals, an estimated time commitment of 8 hours.
  • Serving as a judge on the Innovation Challenge Final Round Judging Panel. Judges will review all finalist pitches and deliberate to determine Innovation Challenge winners, an estimated time commitment of two full days.
  • Hosting a training session or speak publicly to the group of Innovation Challenge finalists who are preparing for the final round.
  • Serving as one of over 12 members of the Innovation Challenge Advisory Board, a team which determines competition parameters, creates the application and judging processes, handles promotions, and handles follow up with Challenge winners, an estimated time commitment of two days each month. (Meetings themselves are hour-long and occur twice monthly.)
  • Attending special networking events, hosted for Innovation Challenge applicants/finalists/winners only.

If you are interested in making a $5,000 or more contribution, please contact Jacqueline Smith or download our investment opportunities sheet.

If you have a desire to help a student and invest in your communities, consider the impact your gift will have; join our team and become an ASU Innovation Challenge sponsor today.