Information Sessions

Writing workshops and office hours are available for those seeking additional support in developing an effective submission.

Many of the workshops are conducted in a Changemaker Central location, which exists on all four campuses. Please click here for more information regarding the Changemaker Central locations on each campus.Please see chart below for specific dates and times at each campus!

Check back in September 2013 for office hours and workshop schedule.

Entrepreneur Office Hours (through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG))

For students who have ideas for creating a venture, consider stopping in to Entrepreneur Office Hours, offered through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG). These office hours will be conducted by one of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG)’s experienced entrepreneurs or business professionals, who are well-versed all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship programs at Arizona State University (ASU). Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) will be on hand to answer your questions, provide feedback, and give you the assistance you need to venture forward. Faster.


Entrepreneur Office Hours will be held at each ASU campus, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., various days in the month. 

For more details, including locations, be sure to check out the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) online.

Innovation Challenge Webinar

Watch the Innovation Challenge Webinar below to learn about the A-Z of applying for the Innovation Challenge. Among other items, the Innovation Challenge Webinar will teach attendees about what constitutes a complete application, who is eligible to apply and where and how to identify a mentor. Tips for successful applications will be provided. All applicants are strongly encouraged to watch the information session and attend office hours if they have more questions.

Click here to view the Innovation Challenge Webinar!