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Arizona State University Launches Quanta, a Digital Research Program for High School Students
ASU has launched the first cohort of Quanta, a new online research program that harnesses social networking and e-learning to connect high school students with ASU students and scientists. (more)

Path to Success: The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at ASU
The opportunities for Arizona State University students and alumni who want help starting businesses are staggering, and often, they are free. Learn more about the ASU Entrepreneurship Ecosystem by following the link to this article. (more)

ASU startup introduces novel new way to find senior care
ASU startup Late Living is revolutionizing the way people search for and make decisions about senior care, introducing a cutting-edge approach to helping families find independent and assisted living for older adults. (more)

Student startup makes charitable dining affordable
English and sustainability junior Kyle Underseth and computer science sophomore Ryan Maloney were named the student winners of this year’s Social Venture Partner Fast Pitch competition for their start-up company Pull Up a Chair. (more)

Student start-ups receive money at Challenge Awards
Student start-ups receive money at Challenge Awards The ASU Innovation Challenge, a program which gives students the opportunity to win money for their start-up companies, culminated Monday evening when one of the 20 student start-ups won $10,000. (more)

ASU students to earn awards for innovations that can change the world
Arizona State University students with a passion for invention will share in prizes, including a $10,000 award, during the Innovation Challenge Awards Ceremony on March 4, for creative projects that make a difference in local and global communities. (more)

16 Great Startups College Students Are Working On Right Now
Incredibly high profile successes by young founders like Mark Zuckerberg have made founding a startup an increasingly attractive career path for college kids. (more)

Entrepreneurs invited to pitch ideas at ASU Venture Catalyst Rapid Pitch Competition
Entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their new ideas, companies and inventions at the ASU Venture Catalyst Rapid Pitch Competition at the city of Tempe’s Geeks’ Night Out event on Feb. 21. The competition, part of ASU Venture Catalyst Geek Week, offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to practice their pitches while competing for prizes. (more)

5 inspiring, social entrepreneurship startups that want to heal and feed the world
Social entrepreneurship is more than just a buzz-worthy startup concept. It has the potential to create significant companies that can tackle major social issues, from youth agricultural education in Liberia to urban food waste in the United States. (more)

Meet this year's 35 young entrepreneurs
Here is the annual list of the state's top young business owners compiled by The Arizona Republic and

Let’s take tech out of the research labs and into the hands of entrepreneurs
It was a rainy night in Dublin, Ireland in spring, 2011. I was recently appointed to run the Venture Catalyst unit, the startup unit of Arizona State University.(more)

Students develop product to purify and transport water
Every day, people in developing communities have to walk long distances to reach a contaminated water source, which is why four ASU students said they developed a round filtration device that purifies water as it is rolled.(more)

ASU Edson Startup Selected as Finalist in James Dyson Awards Competition
G3Box, a student-run startup company within ASU’s Edson student entrepreneur initiative, has been selected as a US finalist for the James Dyson Awards competition. The James Dyson Award is an international student design award running in 18 countries. The competition is run by the James Dyson Foundation, James Dyson’s charitable trust, as part of its mission to encourage the next generation of design engineers to be creative, challenge and invent. In total, only ten projects were chosen as finalists in the United States.(more)

Student Entrepreneurs Critical to Commercializing University Startups, Kauffman Study Shows
Graduate and post-doctoral students are critical participants in university commercialization efforts, according to a study released today by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. "University Technology Transfer through Entrepreneurship: Faculty and Students in Spinoffs" examines students' roles in university startups and compares the functions and responsibilities of faculty, entrepreneurs and students in successfully moving university innovations to market.(more)

What Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Succeed (7) Grants & Competitions
In the previous posts in this Series we established the mindset and awareness required, the immersion you need to initiate in your local startup ecosystem, what you need to do to acquire subject matter expertise, how to develop a social media presence, the importance of finding a mentor, and how to cultivate lasting ties with investors, all with the objective of greatly increasing your chances of success as an entrepreneur (more)

Arizona State Students Are Upcycling Shipping Containers into Health Clinics
Consider the logistical nightmare of disaster response—coordinating medicine, supplies, and personnel in desperate conditions. Think again about ongoing health crises in places like Kenya, where one out of every 38 women dies while giving birth (more)

ASU Startup Seymour Innovative Receives Venture Funding from MAC6 Incubator
Seymour Innovative, a startup from ASU’s successful Edson Entrepreneur Initiative, has received an undisclosed angel funding round from the MAC 6 incubator. Seymour Innovative provides Ella’s Monitor, a revolutionary, low-cost device that will save infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Unlike existing inaccurate home sensors, Ella’s Monitor will offer the accuracy of hospital grade equipment in an affordable, convenient, and easy to use package. The funding will be used to finalize the prototype and move towards taking the product to market (more)

FlashFood Team Looks at Going Global with Venture to Help Alleviate Hunger
A team of three recent Arizona State University graduates and one undergraduate are on their way to Sydney, Australia to represent the United States in the premiere international student technology competition July 6-10 (more)

The Next Generation of Tech Geniuses are Solving the World's Biggest Problems
We hear lots of talk about how students need to be highly educated so that they're prepared for the tech workforce of the future. While that's certainly true, figuring out how to use what you're learning to solve the world’s toughest problems is just as important. To that end, Microsoft has, for the past 10 years, backed socially responsible innovation through the Imagine Cup, an annual student competition that encourages the next generation of tech developers to create software that addresses global problems like education, poverty, healthcare access, and environmental sustainability. (more)

Engineering Student Shines at High-Powered Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
Think of it like this: You’re part of a small, fledgling advertising agency that has promising talent but not a great amount of experience or a long track record. Then there’s a surprise call from a major international corporation inviting your agency to make a pitch for their advertising business. But your company can send only one representative. And, oh, one other thing, can you get your presentation ready to go in just a few days? That’s close to the kind of situation Arizona State University student Lindsay Fleming felt like she was in several weeks ago. (more)

ASU's Arizona Pro DJs and G3Box make Inc. magazine's Coolest Startups competition
Tomorrow's big business may be today's dorm room invention. From a personalized electric motor bike to pop-up medical clinics to the latest in QR code technology, the 2012 class of our annual college start-ups were founded on the mission to give back to the world’s communities, be on the cutting-edge of innovation, and have fun while doing it. (more)

How G3Box Turns Shipping Containers Into Clinics
Two years ago, ASU engineering students Gabrielle Palermo and Susanna Young discovered that they were each working on projects to turn shipping containers into clinics for use in developing countries. Thanks to an Edson Student Entrepreneurship Initiative grant, they received $10,000 to put toward developing that idea. Then it was a matter of learning how to do so. (more)

Grand prize Innovation Challenge winner receives $10K in funding
Nine student-led teams were selected Feb. 13 to receive grants of up to $10,000 from the ASU Innovation Challenge. These grants will be used as seed money to propel their ideas into ventures aimed at solving global problems. The grand prize winner was Applyforall – a for-profit website that brings those looking for a new credit card together with the credit card issuers. offers a new and innovative method to a service currently unavailable to consumers. (more)

Young Entrepreneur Gabrielle Palermo on Growing a Business
Entrepreneur Magazine's College Entrepreneur of 2011 and co-founder of G3Box shares the challenges of growing the startup. (more)

ASU Alum Wins Forbes College Social Innovator Award
Nicollette Lewis, an ASU alumnus, has been named a 2011 College Social Innovator Award Winner by for her startup company Partnered for Success. The award, presented in partnership with Forbes and the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative, seeks to highlight and reward college undergraduates in the United States who are creating positive change at a local, national and global level via social entrepreneurship. (more)

Former Innovation Challenge winner wins Harvard Social Innovator Contest
Lewis is one of three winners of the 2011 College Social Innovator Contest—hosted jointly by the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative and the Common Good column at The following winning essay is written by Lewis, then an undergraduate student at Arizona State University (graduated in fall 2011). and founder of Partnered for Success, a mentoring and life skills program that supports 15 and 16 year old orphans and youth who are a part of the foster care system. (more)

ASU students honored for plan to reuse cargo boxes
Four Arizona State University engineering students have won Entrepreneur Magazine's College Entrepreneur of 2011 award for their plan to convert discarded steel shipping containers into mobile medical clinics for use in developing countries and disaster areas. (more)

ASU student startup named College Entrepreneur of the Year
ASU News
The founders of an ASU student startup, called G3Box, have been named "College Entrepreneurs of the Year for 2011" by Entrepreneur Magazine. "The College Entrepreneur of the Year" award is one of three awards bestowed by the magazine on the nation’s top entrepreneurs of the last year. The magazine received thousands of entries for the competition and then selected the top five entries in each award category as finalists. (more)

Student overcomes tragedy; creates SIDS prevention technology
ASU News
Having a child is considered to be one the greatest joys in the world. But what if that gift was tragically taken from you in the blink of an eye? “My daughter Eleanore was born three months premature on May 2, 2010. We spent 64 days in the hospital and she did great despite all expectations. Unfortunately, after a month at home I woke up one morning to find she had stopped breathing in the middle of the night,” said Peter Seymour, a senior at ASU and founder of Seymour Enterprises. (more)

Beware of dorm room germs
Arizona State University freshmen Emily Campos and her roommate will be calling a tiny dorm room home for the next year. The18-year-olds brought all kinds of items to decorate their small space, but Campos made sure not to bring any unwanted germs. She took advantage of a bacterial meningitis vaccination. A non-profit called OneShot Global through its community partnerships was able to provide the free vaccinations for Campos and all other ASU college students living on campus. (more)

All-Star Student Entrepreneurs: Pilot to Power Washer
As a freshman at Arizona State University’s flight school in the fall of 2008, Zach Hamilton noticed that the single engine propeller training planes were covered with dirt and muck. That gave Hamilton, then 18, an idea: “I wanted to start a company to wash the aircraft,” he says. “When you’ve got a surface that dirty, it picks up a lot of drag.” (more)

Students aim to curb meningitis
ABC15 News
In 2006 entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie created TOMS Shoes after witnessing children living barefoot during a trip to Argentina. His company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need in one of 23 countries every time someone purchases a pair from TOMS. It’s a philosophy he refers to as “one-for-one.”s. Inspired by Mycoskie’s company, Tyler Eltringham, a sophomore at Arizona State University, decided to create his own “one-for-one” movement. (more)

Cooking up a health design
ASU News
If you had to choose a venue for your professional design debut, few locations could beat the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. – just ask Aaron Smith, senior industrial design major in The Design School in the ASU Herbgerger Institute for Design and the Arts. (more)

United States of innovation
Fast Company
Click the first letter of the state to browse 51 -- yes, we included the District of Columbia! -- bold ideas and brilliant urbanites who are helping to build the cities of America's future. (more)

Student entrepreneurs take new knowledge to market
KnowIT Newsletter, W.P. Carey School of Business
ASU students are known nationally for their get-up-and-go and go-out-and-get it attitudes toward entrepreneurialism. According to the 2009 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, ASU ranks second behind Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, as the most entrepreneurial university for students in the U.S. (more)

Students create group to fight meningitis in Africa
State Press
Five ASU students are on a mission to stop meningitis in Africa. After creating OneShot, a nonprofit organization, the group of students plans to give out meningitis vaccinations in Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria in what they call “vaccination drops.” The group of students involved with OneShot includes sustainability junior Ginger Whitesell, geography senior Geoff Prall, geography sophomore Tyler Eltringham and health sciences sophomores Tyler Liss and Corey Frahm. (more)

ASU student takes a shot at nonprofit venture
Phoenix Business Journal
Tyler Eltringham, a 20-year-old student at Arizona State University, never really considered himself an entrepreneur. But that didn’t stop him from creating OneShot, a nonprofit dedicated to providing meningococcal meningitis vaccinations to college students living in dormitories and other university housing. (more)

Entrepreneur beats odd to address disease, poverty
ASU News
Tyler Eltringham is not what you would call a typical college student. From being homeless at 16 to becoming the leader of a new venture at 20, Eltringham has taken a different route than most. Despite the odds stacked against him, he is coming out on top. (more)

Student's innovation and spirit apparent in his two for OneShot system
Sheepless Magazine
I’m not what you call a traditional college student. When my parents got divorced, I was five; my mom and I packed our bags and moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania to start a brand new life. (more)

MyStory: Student innovator's love for family drives success
Pulse, ASU's Entrepreneruship E-Newsletter
I’m not what you call a traditional college student. When my parents got divorced, I was five; my mom and I packed our bags and moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania to start a brand new life. (more)

Haiti's Future Hinges on New Ideas, Sustainable Agriculture and the Rural Environment
Huffington Post
The many challenges that face Haiti and its people have been chronicled over the last year in newspapers and on television, in blog posts and radio reports. Haiti has been portrayed as a land devastated by a crippling mix of political instability, economic stagnation, and natural disaster. (more)

Education entrepreneurs seek funding for web mentoring program
ASU News
In the world we live in competitions can only have one of two outcomes, you either win or you lose. More than likely we have all been a part of the loosing train at one point or another. The question is, how long will it take for you to get off that train and on to a better one. (more)

Engineering students win support for entrepreneurial ventures
ASU News
Seven teams led by students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering are winners in Arizona State University’s 2011 Innovation Challenge. (more)

Students create mentoring program for foster children
State Press
Nicollette Lewis and Priya Nathan couldn’t stand by when they found out many of the 10,000 foster children in Arizona are unprepared for college. (more)

OurStory: Doctorate students marry math and biology to fight diseases
Pulse, ASU's Entrepreneurship E-Newsletter
Two ASU graduate students and Innovation Challenge finalists are working on innovative measures to help combat a disease ravaging South America, combining the fields of molecular biology and advanced mathematics in hopes of saving lives through their new project. (more)

Innovation Challenge winners announced
Pulse, ASU's Entrepreneurship E-Newsletter
Under the soft glow of chandeliers in Old Main's Carson Ballroom, student innovators  stood to the applause and cheers of their peers, mentors, friends and supporters. (more)

Student entrepreneurs compete for grants in ASU Innovation Challenge
Cronkite News
The finalists have been chosen for Arizona State University's annual Innovation Challenge. Cronkite News reporter Courtney Olish introduces us to two of the teams competing for a grant that would change not only their lives, but the lives of others as well. (more)

SkySong hosts venture bootcamp for student entrepreneurs
ASU News
More than 110 student entrepreneurs gathered at ASU SkySong this weekend for five hours of intensive entrepreneurial education and networking at an entrepreneurial summit featuring two dozen speakers from ASU and the local business community.(more)

Innovation Challenge finalists announced
Pulse, ASU's Entrepreneurship E-Newsletter
The Arizona State University Innovation Challenge, a funding opportunity for ASU undergraduate and graduate students looking to make a difference in local and global communities, announced the list of finalists on Saturday, bringing 30 student teams closer to the chance of winning up to $10,000. (more)